welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #83, Betasso Preserve/Mesa trail, Boulder, February 21-22, 2004.

sun warming my knuckles
as i write in the woods
listening to the snow melt

behind rabbit tracks
heading towards a bird chirping
betasso preserve

selective attention
snow dripping, glider slipping,
train whistle weeping,
bird tweeting

mango and mint tea
served on sun-warmed snowy slope

piliated bird
downy woodpecker swooping
towards taupe horizon

censoring his words
packit says we might head back
then corrects himself

vehicular pod
cruising down boulder canyon
all cars are one

phantom memory
holds my attention
what was that conversation
i heard weeks ago?
only the elusive image
now in front of rolling
front range ridges
layered in puce,
lacquer-washed denver skyline,
birds storing seeds in crevasses
of pines split in last year's drought.

phantom memory
of friends near and far
occupying a similar sphere
of time and space
then traveling on their own journey
we meet perhaps once, twice,
a few times more,
to share more thoughts,
into, out of body,
mind, memory.

phantom memory
what was that hill we were just on?
where did the trail go?

she notices the
hotties at the gas station
standing in gas fumes

jack russells, hound dogs
new breed at every corner
dogs and their owners

overwhelming me
whirling helicopter blades
dog people on the trail

february thaw
encouraging us to walk
away from main trail

hard to write haiku
walking in the mud
singing silly songs

park rangers watch a
prairie falcon through binocs
preening on tall pole

season of courtship
falcons in february
rangers get friendly

snowpacked mesa trail
becomes mudpacked mesa trail

traffic on the trail
crows caw and paige just sees trees
over that next hill

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen