welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #4 Walden Ponds, Boulder, March 17, 2001. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, Melinda, Ana Bokman. Photos by Jonathan.

mallard Pair
side by side but making
their own rings

mid-March snowfall
i squint at the brightness of
dead plants covered in white

a family of gulls
reconsiders flying south
on the edge of spring

all I saw at first
was bright orange legs walking-
then there was a duck

old winter seed pod
half wrapped in a cardigan
of precipitate

i am now
as is, without you
open to air

in the bare tree
a nest swings from a string
refusing to let go

my mind wanders
muted, like the colors of
the winter landscape

imagining the
mad paddling of feet beneath
the seamless floating

goose prints in circles
break my reverie in two
cant pick up again

march snow on its limbs
dangling in the bare tree
a nest awaits

hooded merganzers
casually shift direction
at the sound of my feet

bright colored jackets
bent over their writing pads
must be my friends

duck with a mohawk:
so bold against the black pond
made blacker by snow

march seventeenth
looking for signs of life
in what seems dead

spread out on the ground
the dead cottonwood and I
collect snow crystals

squawks and wing flutters
settle back to stillness
after the hawk flies by

various empty
nests accepting the same snow
that lightly salts me

the absence of a crow
flies across the snow-white sky
spring seems far away

wet paper,
cold ink or both?
Slow writing

boardwalk in the marsh
Covered with crunchy snow
This ain�t no beach

grey ducks, grey water
Grey day�grey great blue heron
In the grey sky

Trident footprints of those
Seven geese

magpie lifts his tail
And holds court over the brambles
Bent by winter snow

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen