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Issue #178 Columbine Cabins and Hahn's Peak, February 2020

Columbine Cabins, February 2020

hut trip with David
and Eric and all the rest
Columbine Cabins

packing and shipping
while paige spends friday at work
finally, we leave

comparing the maps
one says south, the other north
to reach steamboat springs

late afternoon sun
casting shadows through foothills
we wind through canyons

cresting powder pass
just as the evening light
retreats with snow squalls

hours of night-time driving
i strain to see the yellow lines
of darkened highway

downloading podcasts
in intermittent cell zone
kids forget their books

up past steamboat springs
and on to the darkened north
we seek out hahn’s peak

finally arrived
with a freaked out cockatiel
who shivers in hut

kids not that happy
to sleep with my older friends
earplugs for snoring

he cooks his bacon
then drops two eggs in the grease
smoke fills the cabin

strapping on our skins
for the ski journey ahead
aspens cast shadows

wind, swift-moving clouds
encase the quiet forest
with a hint of a storm

with elevation
and strong winds, these evergreens
coated with thick ice

skiing to the top
of ten thousand nine hundred
frosted hut awaits

ice on the inside
of the frozen hut’s windows
snowy contact lenses

seeking sweet powder
we drop several thousand feet
hat flies off mid-turn

told by two skiers
to respect their property
dave calls it white gold

back at the cabin
kids busted for roof-sledding
play minecraft on bunk

paige has rosy cheeks
after a solo snowshoe
eric takes long nap

for 26 years
this group has been meeting here
their kids used to come

the evening’s potluck
reveals plethora of squash
and dearth of turkey

four men in sauna
repels all who venture in:
a pink ‘old guy’ zone

bird almost freezes
when eric comes back to get
percussion bag

cozy in the hut
while the storm rages outside
peaceful group slumbers

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen