welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #6 Farmers Market, Boulder, Colorado May 19, 2001 Featuring: Ana Bokman, Sanjay Rajan, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan

the entertainer
flutters out of a trumpet
lighting on flowers

looking for his cheese
black ant on picnic table
finds my hand instead

hoisting a shovel
he drifts from indiana
looking for produce

radio flyer:
that red wagon so long gone
full of dhalias now

gathered in the leaves
and blossoms of the rose garden
this springs rain

big round of applause
extorted by the band
before the next song

old acquaintances
at farmers market
exhange cold smiles

selling ostrich eggs
green and smooth as new melons
worth ten chicken yolks

lonesome mandolin
stereo competition
with the cabaret

cottonwood fluff swirls
around the pregnant woman
leaning on the rail

this pregnant couple
surveys the farmers market
in their abundance

seedlings, sprouts for sale:
this deep green day so new made
no need to buy them

dahlias and trombones
serenade passersby
squinting in the glare

free mambo lesson
at the farmers market
my seedlings bend and wave

humdrum of market
i walk among the crowd
seeking my solace

hot tamales
burning my tract on
this cool morning

not knowing what to do
suburban mom shakes her head
to the ragtime music

dog tied to a post
hot dogs and sticky fingers
nose high going past

flash of yellow
high in a cottonwood
not quite summer yet

deciding on herbs
picking over tomatoes
thinking of the meal

a street full of hats
brims flipped up, pulled low, cocked left
celebrating spring

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen