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Issue #45, Western Stock Show, January 12, 2003, Denver, Colorado. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Krista Morien, Susan Peterson, Jonathan Machen, Robert Power. Photos, drawings and layout: Jonathan Machen. Copyright 2003 HaikuTimes.com

on the radio
leaving for the rodeo
a cow opera

mild winter day
the sun pulls out slowly
with the train

might as well surrender
we are all part of the herd
at the rodeo

above me, the llama's
suspicious eye

quiet cattle
stare at nothing
with watery eyes

remembering my
grandfather talking calmly
to his cattle

some of the cow's butts
look clean and pristine
others - dirty and muddy

just sitting here
and relaxing at the
western stock show

boundaries trampled
black piglet squeals inconsolably
at the kid's petting zoo

ammonia vapor
and salivating heifers
in bovine commune

hundreds of cow butts
revealed by
swishing of tails

choking on dust
and bravado at the
mexican rodeo

this must be
the climax of the rodeo:
kids on bucking sheep

the mutton busters
ride on merino bullets,
cling to wooly nape

slow pokin' hokey
'til the firecracker pops
the cycle airborne

clamped testicles:
even the men seem to admire
the bucking broncoes

the clown up-ended
by a ball-scrunched angry bull
six feet and grounded

angry bull in pen
made so for entertainment
will he throw the man?

full of american pride
creates deep fried twinkies

beneath the interstate
digging into a funnel cake
and deep fried twinkies

rodeo or freak show?
a deep fried twinkie stares back
under bright lights

huge turkey drumstick
gets me in the stock show spirit
and dazzles my friends

two lost women in
leather coats and high heels
avoid the cow shit

ignoring the bulls
i notice her breast implants
and the chili dogs

faces bright and calm
two middle-aged cowboys
share a game of cards

guy with pot belly
with a girth as expansive
as that black heifer

rhinestones and sequins
help this woman to control
her huge animal

skittering away
little black pig tries to hide
behind the cool goats

a real life charro
rides his mariachi horse
in blinding spotlight

among the merchandise
hard to find the animals
western stock show

no haiku yet
at the western stock show
too much merchandise

bright yellow pants on
a small child dancing at
the edge of the bleachers

herded like cattle
in the back of susan's car
sara and krista

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen