welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #35 Flatirons Crossing, Broomfield, Colorado, August 17, 2002. Haiku: Sara Benson, Patrick Lynn, Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Jonathan Machen

i think i am lost
desperate to get outside,
i run through nordstroms

mastering the art
of disguising the shadow
antiseptic trash

voluptuous women
plastered all over the wall
feeling inadequate

crouched in the darkness
beneath the saleswomen's skirt
is it a monkey?

mick jagger
seems to be coming from
the flower bed

underneath the pebbles
in the dry streambed, the cold
rushes between my fingers

write a haiku
no not one, no not one
shopping instead

two mexican women
scrubbing the hell out of chairs
which don't look dirty

shopping and watching
t.v. at the same time -
what more could you ask for?

dreams of abundance
ignored by the janitor
who scrapes marble floors

my yardsale clothing
not in style according
to the latest trends

at the food court
a family clasps hands
praying over lunch

the baby takes
her first steps
at flatirons crossing

this place is full of
exuberant young shoppers
with expectant eyes

a certain wholesome
smell wafting from the doors
of eddie bauer - draws me in

waiting and waiting
for this guy to stop squeezing
honey into his tea

all so glamorous
with already perfect clothes
as they come to shop

the "stuff your own
teddy bear store" is popular
with girls the same size

i can't stand how
everything is a fucking
cartoon of life

after four seasons here
each plant calls to me
visible or not

little does he know
i am a haiku poet,
not a corporate spy

i sit down to write
and get nabbed by the
marketing surveyor

teasel, as tall as me
each day more purple flowers
vanish into autumn

one year on this land
where is all the pain i brought
here all is beautiful

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen