welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #101, Anderson Farms, Erie, Colorado, October 10, 2004. This issue features haiku by Krista Morien, Robert Power, Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, and Jonathan Machen.

ruby red kernels
of corn gleaming in the
october sunshine

my haiku buddies
bring popcorn into the corn maze
for thematic walk

lost in the corn maze
lost with pumpkins and children
calling from beyond

little bit of a
sad face on the boy - waving
to me from the wagon

a bride with a veil
hangs on a noose from a tree
death of an icon

october harvest
neglected by the profit
gleaned from the corn maze

relationship maze
difficult meanderings
thru past and future

at the corn 'maize'
can't help but think cliches
'corny' and 'amazing'

walking in circles
i cheat to reach open space
outside the corn maze

sunday afternoon
leaving politics behind
for a barrel ride

determined dad
steering excited child
and wheelbarrow of pumpkins

the drying corn leaves
rattle but don't fall off
in the autumn wind

bombarded by a
blast of pebbles -
little red boy

giant leap from
one side of hay maze to the other
purple pants

bad boy sulking
by a small haystack
without a pumpkin

what is the appeal
of having the intention
of becoming lost?

tempted to take the
muddied forgotten dollar bills
i left on the crate

secretly stumbling
across a stash of costumes
haunted ghost town

i notice krista
amongst all the families
on the tractor ride

sara breaks the rules
and walks thru the haunted house
middle of the day

even in the day
blood and guts graveyard
a little spooky

sara and i talk
in the corn maze about men
convoluted hearts

a tinge of fear
marking each pace
out of the isolated maze

hay-maze intention
thwarted by running on top
instead of inside

only stopping to argue
about whether we're each lost
in the corn maze

the corn composting
inside the bleached husk,
black gold in my hands

young kids, or hamsters?
walking on treadmill
or riding in barrel

green willowy moss
waving in slow motion
under water

inside the corn maze
alive with the fluttering
of insects and birds

all this time walking
past corn stalks and yellow tape
and turning corners

don't know where i am -
so why not pee between two rows
of the corn maze?

walking in the maze
decisions are required
at every turn

Hyponia Chondriak "I told you I was sick"
Strauss: "the great decomposer"
Gumby: "board to death"
Iva Fallen: "I can't get up"
Napoleon Bones apart: "small in stature, big in spirit"

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen