welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #140, Betasso Preserve, Fourmile Canyon and environment, December 2007-February 2008. Haiku and photographs: Jonathan Machen

frosty windshield
crystals grown in the shadow
of mountain slope

sculpture extraordinaire
with all of creation

plastic flamingo
up to his neck
in frozen creek ice

fresh falling snow,
deep powder field:
the magic of winter

trail number 108
got to get home --
can't be late!

chatty individuals
or just..
talkative me?

blue shadow, green ridge
yellow forest service sign
wind in trees whooshing

north side morning chill
preserves fine powder
crystal dusting

my children
frustratingly requiring
as much attention as i demanded
when i was a kid!

random brilliance
expressed close at hand
feel the haiku vibe

while dave skis the hut
i write poetry above
my house in the canyon

following rabbit tracks
turns into
following rabbit

quiet defines
and amplifies my thoughts
shadowy morning

good winter jacket
more than just a friend
part of my skin

straight up and extreme
thinking about gonzo dude
who skied down the peaks

my two hours of freedom
made her snap of me
since she got nothing

singing songs keeps
my children happy
and me creative

hiking the woods
the most precious gift
besides my knees

airplane creates
mechanical soundtrack
in haiku no-mind

haiku in the sun:
penning five nuggets
in quick succession

what would i do
with rambling mind
out here in delicious forest
without haiku book
and camera?

my rambling mind
in silent woods

write quick haiku
take a picture or delete
is it not complete?

no flies, stillness
listening to clouds and sun
above cold ravine

not bloggin'
to anyone
haikuin' with self

noticing how the elk
always go
the smartest way

pine tree de-needled
by rampant squirrel attack
trail now a shambles

barbed wire
connotes denial
or intent of such

eight-thirty a.m.
fierce wind pushes back the trees
rattling my thoughts

ferocious wind
like mercurial tempest
on morning hike

walking snowy woods,
alone, without children
who sit by the fire

looking at the forest
with different eyes:
finding logs to burn

wind, then quiet
i follow animal tracks
over snowy ridge

looking manicured
in mixed conifer forest -
shapely juniper

friends on huntsman's ridge
skiing sick powder
while i tend sick kids

light and shadow
embracing every contour
and mystery track

yucca blackened by ash
like charred pine cone
after controlled burn

trunk scarred by fire
but only on the surface -
black squirrel scurries up

chill morning
makes for crisp haiku
and frosty fingers

taking the "designated"
out of "trail"
finally alone

weathered pine cones
with relatives strewn about
face of future trees

cross country ramble
where the trails are undefined
walking with no-mind

of the wind hard at work
pockets of powder

snow's mantle released
in finicky february
plant declares, "it's time"

his delightful bath
fueled by well water, propane
resource-full comfort

only one hour
in this bright sun -
my footprints melting

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen