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Issue #39 White Rim, Canyonlands, Utah, October 18-23, 2002. Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Tom Hopson, Steve Mechels, Carolyn Bargman. Photographs, drawings and layout: Jonathan Machen

not sure the lycra
is all that necessary
on this cool fall day

tiny frog hopping
in a desert arroyo
once filled with water

desert sage perfume
wafting from upheaval dome
i walk towards the source

the soul of the land
revealed in a deep canyon
rock walls high above

like chocolate shavings
mud flakes curl in the sun
longing for rain

pinon pinecone shells
at the end of a dry year
brittle to the touch

rabbitbrush yellow
the envy of the desert
mid-october bloom

life in the fast lane
lizards flash between the wheels
what teenagers do - tom

rocks crunching beneath my feet
bone-dry gully becons on and on
only the wind for company- steve

the riders return:
salt deposits on their face
one hundred mile loop

leaves rustling overhead
alone, my book and me
peaceful and quiet-carolyn

squeaky bicycle
soundtrack to a symphony
of canyon color

leaning cottonwood
leaves rustling in the wind
mix with tired voices-tom

bright colors against red
ants and bikers swarming the road
legs moving furiously- carolyn

no-one wants to drive
a sure sign that the biking
is truly a blast

aching back no more
jonathan's Bike E- oh yeah
reclining in style- tom

a false sense of comfort
alone on the horizon
odorous outhouse

the vast emptiness
surrounds and swallows the sound
of a distant sneeze

what would living be
without bicycles and friends?
gratitude for both

built by prospectors
used by the miners, and now-
by mountain bikers

counting syllables
he drops his water bottle
composing haiku

reptillian brain
basks in the sun while watching
the river slice through time- steve

Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Tom Hopson, Steve Mechels, Carolyn
Photographs, drawings and layout: Jonathan Machen
copyright 2002 Haikutimes.com

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jonathan machen