welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #21 Anne U. White trail, Colorado March 10, 2002. Haiku: Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Tom Hopson, Jonathan Machen. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen. To visit the two other haikutimes issues celebrating this very same trail, go to Anne U. White April 3, 2005 or Anne U. White May 9, 2004.

i wonder where the
mountain lions are on this
snowy spring day? sara

my old footprints
crossed by the prints of deer
in the snowy woods

i follow the deers path up
they, seeking safety
i am seeking novelty

rock - split into three
holding together strong
on the side of the hill

my back against
the canyon wall, i fall into
the slumber of stones

somewhere nearby
also a crow

winter and spring
crossing paths in the canyon
sparkling river of snow

peeing on a rock
which reminds me of
daniel boones cap

this slope says its spring
the other says its winter
i walk in between

melting into
the stillness of stone, the wind
so far overhead

the snap of a twig
leaves crunch, thoughts evaporate
senses awake; haiku

a poem in my heart
of seasons past and present
forms with every step

wading through young pines
their light green fingers reading
my every thought

even my bones relax
leaning outside of time
into the rock wall

sunny day in march
in between two storm systems
a moment of rest

this orange - not as
juicy as i thought
maybe the birds would like it

i left my orange
for a nuthatch who was
desperately pecking for food

as my siky hair
brushes against my face
his scent still lingers

can you know a place
in a sixty-minute walk
with a haiku mind?

i hear the wind both
near and far - strange the way the wind
blows near and far

sixty short needles
on a slender branch
sitting in a tree

slushy slip and give
followed by the popcorn pop
hikers grasp of wet snow

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen