welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #13, North Boulder Open Space, December 9, 2001. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson, Sanjay Rajan, Krista Morien, Cynthia Kolanowski. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen.

struck by the contrast
between the golden grasses
and the steel grey sky

bouncing up and down
as i walk the rutted road
im out of control

its june at the zoo
the prarie dog turns his thoughts
to love and you sigh

my laugh startles the dog
whose rip-your-throat-out bark
startles me

relaxing - my haiku book
slips from my fingers and
falls to the ground

the only green
i see on this winter trail
is some horse shit

crowding the yucca
this housing development
on the next mesa

feeling the pressure
of a thousand new houses
yucca burst to seed

tootsie roll
call me says the paper
maybe i should

after pottery
deadlines, captivated by
the mud swallows homes

echoes of elsewhere -
this open space. climbing up,
i forget my name

there must be water,
somewhere. and among the trees,
your winter coat gone.

sitting on the rock
continuing my arrival
onto this planet

the sun comes out and
lights up the remaining leaves
hanging motionless

yearning for the sun
on the other side of the
barbed wire fence

gathered in my palm
yucca seeds like charred chiclets
for skeleton kids

holiday season
on the trails
everythings pale

december yucca
offering stacks of black seeds
from wooden flowers

caught in between
the sinking sun and this gold hill
my indecisive shadow

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen