welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #5 Rabbit Mountain, Boulder County, Colorado. April 14, 2001. Featuring: Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, Hal Gimpleson, Krista Morien, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan

last years dead stalks
among this pink profiusion
cycles of the heart

as the wind picks up
sun moves behind a cloud
hat and gloves come on

on the great divide
a spring storm sends its greeting
to the plains below

on this exposed trail
writing haiku and looking
for a place to pee

tonight i will pay
for this wonderful spring day
with more violent dreams

haiku friends
willing to scatter
to be together

i see a rabbit
on top of rabbit mountain
do i get a prize?

how easy it is
to turn off this meadowlark
with my hearts pain

spread on the earth
pinecones in various shades
tell of seasons passed

stopping in our tracks
catching sight of each other
mule deer stop grazing

big chance to be out
wild life preserve
no dogs allowed

breath of the earth-wind
sounding like the ocean
its current moves me

the gift of winter
evaporates on the trail
in a brisk spring wind

inhaling the view
from hilltop to horizon

a bunch of humans
each one of us with our heart
constantly pumping

the pungent smell of sage
on my fingers releases
this old lonliness

fierce individuals
walking through gravel
writing haiku poetry

stopping another time
for tea and to watch
the white-tailed mule deer

the herding instinctnot
so much fun when tethered to
the end of a leash

another spring,
another afternoon spent
chasing butterflies

enjoying the companionship
of animal to animal
walking the dog

what is a mountain
when it is given the name
of a small mammal?

winter grey grasses
prickled with purple and yellow
in time for easter

open field
filled with meadow larking
on breezes

scraping the winter
off the soles of my feet
with sun-warmed granite

songbird warbling
in counterpoint to crickets
april melody

overrated thoughts
nudged out of hollows by wind
scittering away

breath moves in and out
faster, hotter, our tongues drip
-hiking with my dogs

big black beetle
scurries as fast as it can
across the rocky trail

every five seconds
i count out the syllables
bright red ladybug

stopping for tea
by the spikey cactus
early days of spring

among this rough field
of boulders and yucca
the meadowlarks song

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen