welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #160, NCAR Mesa, Boulder, Colorado, December 11, 2011. Haiku by Patrick Lynn, David Harper and Jonathan Machen. Images by Jonathan.

it takes a
few times
that i'm here
to be here

on this perfect day
we haiku
while NCAR sciences

walking among
pines, my pace
quickens each
time I enter
a shadow

silence -
in the distance
a motionless
skier glides
down the

the clarity of
blue and white
a band of
murky brown

snow turned to water
freed from the weight
a limb springs up

clearly disrupting
a deer party in progress
i rudely sketch

pines and peaks
mountain jays squawk
the devil's thumb is up

long, winding streak
around the tree and down
echoes of a sled ride

still windmills
superfund site redemption
a grass blade sways

emptiness of space
so close to town
deer is startled

snow glistens
cottonwoods wait anxiously
in the creek bed

fresh woodchips around my perch
the pine returns to the earth
in a fragrant burst

giant arrowheads
jut out of the earth
sharpened by the elements

pure disaster
cherry gelatin blood
at the crossroads

the friendly
hiker and her
dog can't tell
that i'm
taking a leak

many paths
some right, none wrong
hooves in the snow

snow crystals
freezing and thawing
in sun and shadow

briefly visiting
that world -
the one in
which you
didn't die

trail impressions
thin layer of snow
yesterday's path

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen