welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #15 Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico December 24 - 29, 2001. haiku: Jonathan Machen, Judy Machen, Susanna Shankland. drawings and layout: Jonathan Machen

before the new year
and after winter solstice
cold, dry powder snow

standing above oops
i see a lone track below -
was it a mistake?

because of the fire
these aspen will migrate north,
new roots taking hold

yet no-one else is around
to share these feelings

another person
interested in the powder
joins me for a run

this mesa, sacred
to those who came before
and those now living

the tobacconist
smokes one of his choice cigars
in his cigar shop

what is happiness?
hiking with my son and spouse
what more could i ask?

winter hikes i love
sunlight on the cliffs; crisp air;
scent of the pinon trees

the views that i see
far to the north, east, and south
the same the ancients saw

the sign says, breathless
and that indeed is my state
of respiration

hiking with machens
looking at animal tracks
everyone guesses

hiking with our friends
the silence of the mesas
shattered by laughter

following the rut,
i add my vibram footprints
to this ancient path

the drama of light
over ancient, weathered rock
always a surprise

we stumble over
coprolitic evidence
dried out in the wash

perched on a dumpster
ravens break the cold silence
december morning

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen