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Issue #77, December 18, 2003 Haiku Staff writers Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson and Robert Power comb Pearl St. mall for haiku on a chilly night in Boulder while staff writer Krista Morien succumbs to the shopping urge.

the mall-ku crowd
under streets of lights,
courtyard green and red,
photographing civil war
heroes in silhouette
against an evergreen curtain
of shiny lights.

we write haiku on the
chilly mall.

sara's jaw
is sore from
an ice skating fall,
krista gives us
gold block-print cards,
susan languishes
with a flu in lafayette,
robert huddles in the cafe.

a conga player from seattle,
visiting dysfunctional
relatives in denver,
keeps an indistinct rhythm
in front of the peppercorn display.

he asks me if i am from
time or newsweek.
no, i reply,
just seeking the unusual
in the usual.

punk japanese youth
leaving embers in their wake
skateboarding the mall

telling a story
the laughing man puts an armlock
on someone not there

in the used bookstore
django reinhardt and
the smell of all those pages

ice rink gets chilly
after gaggle of schoolgirls
departs en masse

no need to travel
each moment rolls into the next
and nothing happens

woman in wheelchair
belts out christmas carols
to frozen shoppers

all the chattering
blends into the background hum
my mind goes along

that same tourist guy
milking tourist sympathy
for 20 years now

not much goin' on
people at christmas parties
leaving mall empty

warm restaurant diners
ignore women on wheelchair
warbling carols

at the coffee shop
three men talking business
one has his eyes closed

a fuzzy shadow
and the cookie monster
connected by my mind

first, the second line:
stutter on a choked cliche -
or a christmas song

black red and sage green
the colors in the cafe
people wear the black

the radiance
of a thousand cups of coffee
burst upon my mind

a moment to pause
my mind greets it with emptiness -
nothing remembered

though it looks like i'm
christmas shopping - i'm really
on a haiku walk

the small rubber nose
hops around the counter

disabled woman
sings like a lark in her wheelchair
on the mall

outside with the smokers
watching the holiday shoppers
drive by

Let the blossoming of snow flakes open our mind
the sea of hearts are falling back to the oneness.

first and second graders
at sanchez elementary
crowd into the music room
before their christmas concert,
sparking each other with enthusiasm,
a level of excited chatter
which builds until the music teacher
slices the noise with
a pattern of hand-claps,
quickly and attentively
echoed by the children.

the auditorium is full
of doting parents,
breaking the routine of the day
coming to hear their children
sing songs.

some parents slip in late
looking like they just got off work
everyone enjoys the moment
for what it is,
eating sugar cookies,
before leaving for the holiday.

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featuring: Robert Power, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Jonathan Machen
photographs and layout: Jonathan Machen

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jonathan machen