welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #7 June 8, 2001 Neighborhood night-ku, Boulder, Colorado Featuring: Krista Morien, Robert Power, Susan Peterson, Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jonathan.

eyes and brain gone dim
until i saw the hot pink asters
under the streetlight

two blocks away
the blue computer screen
glows bright as the moon

boulevard traffic
the big maples are silent
protecting the sky

at night vision fades
and one turns his head to hear
the wind rustling leaves

just me,
this private summer night
and all the neighborhood cats

the evening is spared
the unforgiveable heat
brought on by the day

jets, cats be silent
nighttime is when the trees swoon
with winds caresses

under the sulphur
yellow glow of the streetlight
a lawn is watered

teenage men subdued
by the quiet voice of summer
ghosts in white t-shirts

even in the darkness
the grass and trees feel green

a front yard zen garden
the hum and gurgle of its spring
louder than passing cars

for this parking lot
evening releases the weight
of a thousand cars

sprinkler water rains
into the raccoons gutter
he doesnt come out

sound of waterfall
fragrance of honeysuckle
heightened by darkness

inside their houses
sillhouettes of people
untouched by the night

i grow big and flat
my head tiny, legs are long
when I move i fade

melody of frogs
raspy, rhythmic--like crickets
only throatier

path into the woods
at night it is forbidden
fear blocks the entrance

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen