welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #165, January 22, 2016, Sawhill Ponds, Boulder, CO

haiku: Susan Evans, Sara Benson, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen
photos by jon

standing amidst mullein stalks
hands in my pocket
inconspicuously peeing

kneeling in grass
the warm, gentle pressure of
sunshine on my back

following the cue
of cross-country skiers
i walk on the ice

the breeze lightly touches my face
like a blind friend I haven’t seen
in a while

interwoven sounds
of the natural world and

i can imagine
the energy beneath me
preparing for spring

down by the roots of the dead grass
stalks, with the soggy poop pellets -

sudden disturbance
sends geese flying overhead
in a single line

feeling like moses
as i pull apart teasel
to reach frozen lake

cattail jamboree
waiting for a warm
january day

the cycles of life
producing crusty old weeds
in every season

sixty degrees
the warmth of the sun teases
but winter still looms

the sphere in the sky
withholds warmth for the northeast
while mountain snow melts

on this winter day
the earth is so alive
it is deafening

walking on thin ice
jon is a risk taker
camera and all

up high, in the sun
listening to the fine print
scribbled by a distant rooster

horse shoes, human shoes
impressed upon the muddy path
temporary known

head down, writing notes
ouch! I bit my tongue again
pay attention, now!

nuns and haiku poets
my imagined ancestors
meet upon the earth

wondering if it hurts
to be bent way down like that
long reed carcasses

as nature takes hold
body expands and softens
settling happens

with each oddly shaped patch
i fail another test

old man cottonwood
taking years to decay
leaning on his brother

dried out thistles
impotent invaders
stand tall in winter

late afternoon straw yellow
my favorite crayon in this
winter landscape

shorts and bicycles
long shadows and snowy roads
colorado bliss

freezing and thawing
red berries shrivel
in this winter sun

subjective memory
feel of earth beneath my feet
is more true than truth

ouch! I bite my tongue
murmuring haiku out loud
layers of wakefulness

reeds bent by the pond
tell the age-old story
water long passed on

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen