welcome to the haikutimes


Coot Lake, February 7, 2015. Haiku by Jonathan Machen, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Robert Power.

black dog
yellow tennis ball
green coot lake

the wedding group plays
bride stands, a white figurine
unmoved. wind blows by

a prairie dog squeals
another chatters, they too
enjoy the warm day

wave of my spine
casting gaze into stippled
clouds and winter sky

from my perspective
everyone is a silhouette
moving in silence

teasel and tincans
concrete diversion
foot-sucking mud

marsupial children
wagging wagging around coot lake
rhythmic relaxing

trees still dormant, yet
warm gust of winter-time wind
blows cold water green

a black-frocked priest
enjoys the last light of a warm
winter day, just like us

nicotine gum
4 milligrams coated
abandoned on beach

i follow paw tracks
of dogs and rodents. the mud
still cold with snowmelt

abandoned campsite
pup tent gone to the dogs
magazine about love

how come the path of 
light on water always leads
directly to me?

buoyant logs in lake
she walks her dog
black d cups bouncing

at the lake’s edge
a crawdad with orange-tipped pincers
is pushed around by waves

imagining a
tsunami rising out
of this calm clear lake

startled prairie dog’s
alarm call alarms me

while writing haiku
he said a bald eagle
flew over my head

browns, blue-greys and whites
sun warms these winter colors
my feet feel cool earth

seemingly alone
there is a web cast between
us haiku poets

skipping rocks 
until a downed tree sobers
me up with flood memories

enthusiastic ball of mud
becomes my best friend

off the trail
crunching underfoot last summer’s
grass and leaves, now pale yellow

abandoned lean-to
beach-front view of boulder
wind laps green water

the sun falls through clouds
the water tints the wind cold
i clip my toe-nails

memorials for
those who have passed on and gone
benches in the park

starting my walk
a sudden shiver as my
bones start to heat up

cutting his toenails
at the edge of coot lake
crescent moon rising

recalling lovers
i have walked with around this
silky clear blue lake

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen