welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #119, Eldorado Springs, Colorado. November 6, 2005. Haiku writers Patrick Lynn and Jonathan Machen visit a climber's paradise on a warm day in November. Additional haiku by Susan Peterson and Krista Morien.

nooks with nubbins
chalk reveals climbers' path
on steep overhang

memories of bluebirds
jarred loose by the white noise
of the waterfall

each intricacy i encounter
say a rock
another five minutes

mild november day
the promise of winter
shrouded by summer

climbers and their gear
as bright as the lichen but
more provisional

from the shadows
within the pine needles
comforting smells and birdsong

he finds a haiku
but struggles to remember
the exact cadence

dry autumn
weeks after the berries are gone
purple birdshit remains

i startle the fox
who secretly
watches climbers

above my head
white continents
troll silently by

a busy canyon
climbers yell, trains whistle
silence in-between

stuffed in crack
grunting and sweating

haiku climbers
their poetry the movement
touching the rock

everything about
this gorgeous late autumn day
could be otherwise

in a shallow granite basin
a few whole juniper berries
among the amber-colored seeds

from my perch i drive
matchbox cars full of climbers
along the dirt road

intense yellow needles
penetrate the murk
in which they float

talking to teslin
under eldorado cliffs
tears roll down rocks

teslin's acceptance
of swollen legs and all the rest
with me on my walk

happily chucking
smooth white branches
into the river one by one

early november
each time the sun reappears
amazed at the change

water ouzel distracts my mind
while the river visits
with the rest of me

..."the Kev"

by the river
a bush with seeds designed by
Dr. Seuss

Spread upon the ground
Red and yellow confetti
Dropped from outstretched limbs

a lone conifer
losing the forest battle
in aspen prison

frozen before me
fire spreading up the hillside
autumn aspenwoods

walking the middle world
river rushing below
waves of aspen above

trying to uncap
something inside, to fill fully
with the aspen light

hard to believe
that everything is falling
in this beautiful blaze

it feels like fall
is falling even faster
on the hike back

losing their gumption
grasshoppers fall to the side
in the autumn wind

aspen eyes unblinking
golden leaves whirling everywhere
they've seen this before

today the fall wind
sweeps through purposefully
pouring gold from the trees

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen