welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #73, Carbondale's 94th annual Potato Days festiva, October 3-5, 2003, dovetails nicely with the 11th year of Spudfest. Photographs, layout and haibun (prose with haiku) by Jonathan, with contributions from Paige Wild

Marley in the back seat
smiles an' coos an' totally cute
5 pm rush hour traffic

a holiday of our own making
similar to thanksgiving in that
we praise the fruits of the earth
we honor friendships
and the golden spud, created
to recognize best topping,
or most creative,
or least healthy

apple cider press
personifies the fall and
approaching spudfest

two buckets, eight hands
assembly-line spud scrubbing
in golden-fall light

inspired by potatoes
stooping to scrub dirt

washing potatoes
water splashing on flagstone
as the buckets fill

the ninety-fourth year
celebrating the spud
coffee cauldron boils

roaring fork high school
class of 2006
screaming from that truck

balloon disappears
helium emissary
from a distant land

shawn in yellow coat
watching balloon disappear
green against white sky

local spud parade
for almost a century
how can you top that?

this is carbondale
but maybe we should call it

nutcracker children
dogs in windows with firehats
lining up for beef

for a moment
the streets of carbondale
play host to slow-moving fire trucks

cauldron of coffee
steaming near underground pit
beef slowly roasting

dalmations in the parade
growl at puppies on the street
who crouch low before llamas

baby-proofed household
cd player lying unprotected
idle, victim to prodding

carbondale must be the place
to have some babies

vacuming my head
then mowing the lawn backwards
young shawn is active

multiple toppings
devolve into gooey mass
which one did i like?

spuds are scrubbed
recipes are refined
brownies are burnt
diverse families assembled
almost as many kids as spuds

carefully numbered toppings
adorn a rental table
in the baby room
eating starts spontaneously

the previous years' recipient
of the golden spud relinquishes her crown,
the line forms,
the ballots are cast,
dangling chads trimmed

voting questionable-
when a tie between aloo mooter
and that caramel stuff emerges,
a call is sent out for one last vote

spicy peanut sauce wins best
quadruple bypass deluxe is least healthy
caramel fruity is most creative

another surprise awaits
the head of the spud household,
whose fortieth year
spawns secretive group plans
for a surprise party -

called out to rescue his brother
in a broken van
he then walks into a
fully-catered post-spud extravaganza

tavia teitler imitating
her 40-year-old uncle
time passes
spuds ripen
children arrive

of our own making
fabulous fall festival
alternative to war

running back and forth
little wobbily people
ponder gravity....paige

we leave at noon
after this last fantastic repast
well fed, gregarious, intra-familial
pausing for hackey sack at
vail pass
last night's snow
dusting on the divide
golden, orange, amber highlights
the final october blast of fall
peppering the aspens
before the snows come again
another traffic jam
turns out to be
the second wreck we've seen,
pickups crushed, ambulances
racing past stalled miles of highway traffic

patty dials the cell
to warn the father of her first child
the time of our delayed arrival,
a man who hides in the bushes
so as to avoid transgressing
his own sense of selfish perfection,
teaching his daughter that avoiding
and holding emnity is preferrable
to simply being with the truth.

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen