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Issue #89, Wedding-ku, June 18-20, 2004. Paige and Jonathan get married! Or, how a spontaneous idea turned into a massive party! This issue combines photos from: Jonathan, Michael Conti, Sara Benson, and Leon Evans. Haiku and poetry: Jonathan, Patrick Lynn, Tom Hopson, Susan Peterson, Robert Power, Nicholas Brown, David Teitler, Gene Langlois, Amanda Conti, Julie Gannon, Jim Frey and Tim R. photos, layout and animation by Jonathan unless otherwise noted

plenty of questions
this beautiful june morning
no need for answers

home brew and poker
guacamole and pasta
the groom and friends

before the wedding
a morning full of chirping birds
and sleepy friends

these huge mosquitoes
are equally slow

the hummingbird
hovers just above the treetop
imitating a rest

two magpies
silently pull their long tails
across the sky

a patch of sky
seen through green pine needles
becomes a bluebird
and flies away

a waterlogged pine tree
exhales steam into the
early morning light

Best Man's Sonnet By David Teitler
We gather together on Midsummer's eve
To honor the union of two friends, wearing teves.
Who one year ago bestowed upon I
The title of Stag, I tell not a lie.

And now I tell, the time is upon
To pass on the title of Great Stag to Jon.
For now stands a doe, a hand she has taken
And through her persistence, one big buck is quakin'.

May they romp through the forest of life with abandon
Yet take time to see the trees and the canyons.
Shack up in the meadows to frolic and play
And watch the sun rise each and every new day.

So let us together, for the Stag and the Doe
Wish them good speed, wherever they go!

tumbling into the moment
dreams, longings, goals and visions
anchored with 'i do'

if you are not paid
in this moment, my friends
you will never be, ever!

words! the use for words
they are almost over now.
only poetry!

weather worries
no match for wedding jitters
half-way up the trail

just me and paige
on our way to get maried
walking up the trail

before tying knot
walking on rain-soaked mud trail
under clear blue sky

nature, bodies cleansed
wedding morning thunderstorm
vanquishes bad dream

comes rushing down to greet us
drama wedding hike

i can still see that
they make a lovely couple
even through my tears

Anxiety Dream, morning of my wedding, early morning June 20, 2004
In waking life, Paige and I hiked up Flagstaff Mountain to reach the Sunrise Amphitheater the morning of our wedding. Dream-reality unfolded differently in the early morning hours before the ceremony. In my dream, I decided to ride my bike up Flagstaff mountain, on my own. I had forgotten to tell Paige of this sudden change in plans, so half-way up the mountain I tried to call her with my cell phone. Every number I dialed was wrong; every call reached a mysterious stranger, so eventually I got frustrated and gave up. I reasoned that I still had time to make it to the top and meet everybody. At that moment, my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I answered the call, feeling certain it was Paige. It wasn't. A person I hadn't thought of for probably 30 years, a young lady in 4th grade with whom I was infatuated, was on the other line. "Hi Jonathan, it's Carla Silva!" I was flabbergasted. I told her to call me back in a week - then I decided I had had enough of dream life and woke up. We had a great hike. And a great day.

their longing eyes meet
across the foolish table
next, they're holding hands

since he met his bride
his glistening face dons a smile
now, she wears one too!
artsy river rat
nature-loving rat lover
rodent's paradise!

a fine friend is he
twenty years does not a friend make
yet, great heart, soul do!

dual passion can add
consider, shared shit-eating grins
when snow piles deep!

or, grateful dead live
consider, shared child-like glee
when music breaks out

or, two wheels on trails
consider, dusty happy smiles
white rim, canyonlands

a fine friend is he
twenty years and now with paige
two fine friends, twenty more!

great man, grand woman
right time, right place, found each other
the world has magic!

rat you are cute fuzz,
like a marriage full of love
reminder of life

bride looking eastward
spies smirking, sun-dappled groom
where did my cheese go?

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen