welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #18 Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado January 27, 2002. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Susan Peterson, Sara Benson, Hal Gimpleson, Deb Gimpleson, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Jonathan Machen. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

he said it was love
that took him on the journey
-not a bad reason

simple awareness
until i make my focus

the deep sound of breath
deep gasping inhale
throaty, moist exhale

for a few seconds
the sound of voices subside
smell of pine tree air

town stretches out flat
from a flat rock
where time rushes by

joggers stop
to pet the running dogs
who stop

january day
once again i find myself
at the whim of clouds

sorting through the
leftover yard sale items
by the light of the full moon

on closed eyelids
january sunshine
could be summer

walking on snow ice
uphill, needs strong momentum
with treadworn boots

as his pink tongue laps
up melted snow, the red fox
keeps an eye on me

mushy pears
after a luxurious nap
under the pine trees

walking on snow ice
downhill, with tread worn boots
needs brakes i dont have

away from loud voices
on searching feet, i find
the place of deer

exposed arteries
pulsate with dogs and people
muddy winter trails

nothing quite like
sitting on this rock in the woods
right now

they kiss and part
she takes the leisurely path
while he jogs uphill

in this spring weather
shouldnt i feel more social?
i head off trail

back at three o clock
a mantra i maintain
until three oclock

snow melt on pebbles
smells of spring ponds and lush rains
wanting to return

pinon jay eyes me
supposedly smarter than
the average dog

(dictated by willie, scout or dublin)
warm day, boulder park
why do my people write?

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen