welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #25, Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, April 27, 2002. Haiku, photography and drawing by Jonathan.

moving in and out
of three dimensions, inspired
by the sense of depth

ever-present wind
responsible for the shape
and grace of the dune

as if marking time
the sand funnels from the west
gigantic hourglass

walking uneasy
through this shady arroyo
imagining bear

walking gingerly
negotiating cactus
imagining spines

sinusoidal crest
of an emerging sand dune
appears in my dream

unsettled season
pulls the energy of spring
out of winters grasp

residual breeze
left from yesterdays sand storm
freshens the morning

now i remember
the view from the small airplane
high above the dunes

on the mighty dunes
i imagine the sand worms
of herbert's novel

evan and suzanne
spent three years building a house
in a gravel pit

the scorpio moon
illunimates the earthship
with a restless glow

billowing spring winds
lofting the farmers top soil
over the sand dunes

gusty april wind
accelerates the slow pace
of the shifting sands

family camping trip
she carries her teddy bear
into the sand dunes

the freemont party
froze to death in this valley
many years ago

under my two feet
maybe as many sand grains
as stars in the sky

sandbox for a kid
kitty litter for a cat
i just take pictures

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen