welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #8 July 2, 2001 Patrick Lynn and Tammy Gritz wedding, Spanish Peaks Wilderness, Colorado. haiku: Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

the champagne is gone
much more rapidly than
the adrenaline

the blush of champagne
meets the sparkle of their eyes
as we make a toast

listening to birds i cant see
watching butterflies
i cant hear

brilliant orange lichen
becomes a butterfly
then flies away

swallowtail visits
all twelve blossoms on the bush
then wanders away

on the ash grey fir
an orange moth closes its wings
and becomes ash grey

hiking out i linger
in each patch of shade
partly for the cool air

ahead on the trail
my friend of fifteen years with
my wife of three days

two fine pots of tea
well probably have to pee
again pretty soon

as i pump water
butterfly with half a wing
sits quietly near

hot air balloon
hovers quietly above
jackrabbit leaps

third day out
beginning to notice flowerless plants
small wood-colored birds

exhausted i watch
a butterfly glide slowly down
to the valley floor

exuberant songbird
runs up and down the scales
i blow my nose

riotous shimmer
in the full strength of sunshine
verdant aspen leaves

with this plastic ring
wearing my sweaty hawaiian shirt
i thee wed

angle of repose
how the two have come to rest
not unhappilly

deep in my backpack
between the tent and the stove
bottle of champagne

forgetting her mothers
maiden name buys me time
to remember mine

this amanita
yellow-speckled reminder
of last nights rainstorm

several busy months
fall away after one day
in the wilderness

married for five days
drinking darjeeling tea
the color of her eyes

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen