welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #50, Walden Ponds, Boulder, Colorado, March 22, 2003 Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, Jonathan Machen, Sara Benson, Susan Peterson Photos and layout by Jonathan Machen.

embarrassed by the
courting canadian goose
the exposed curve of his neck

i imagine it
still covered with mud from the walls
of it's winter home

strange sadness
knowing i am back
home away from home

broken cattails poke
unevenly through the snow like
a drunkard's whiskers

our steps
hollow on boardwalk
yet magical

if i look crosseyed
at gnats in front of my nose
i miss the beauty

my country's at war
and i'm at a bird refuge
writing poetry

bright sun
reflecting so vividly
in the pond's scum

come blizzard, come war
no matter what - seasons change
winter becomes spring

all that noise
of war and cricket
lost in this quiet

babies fall silent
as i prowl under the tree
mother flies nearby

underwater magic
as insects swim by in
the pond's scum

last week's snowstorm
flows by more silently
than it fell

can't wait
too long to pee
i whip it out

standing silent
in shallow pond
thinking about war

second day of spring
peeing on the snow in a
juniper's shadow

watching for wildlife
in between hoping to see
and not to see

in the pond
bright green algae slightly frozen
looks like a troll's hair

jazz so inquisitive
and so am i knowing
this new place

eyes relax as they
rest on the gentle spin
of the water

their mating calls
gets his ear
and my hips a tug

tucked in her pocket
dead mom in law's walking stick
only memories assist her walk

after a time of
fervent talking - we get down
to writing haiku

bonding with jazz
after three weeks of
traveling in india

morning walk
despite all this snow
spring freshness

two merganzers glide by
too exclusively beautiful
for these times

sawhill pond heron
dead white worm in pond
incessant chatter

after the blizzard
i dress in layers of wool
and melt like the snow

on the boardwalk
sara and i talk about sex
ballsy conversation

ducks serenade
in the shallow pond
jazz so keen

the mallard drake's head
emerges from the water
a deep, tearful blue

groupings of chirpings
even this colorful bird
warbles in haiku

on this spring walk
war unseen

only the movement of
the ducks reveals them amidst
the brown rocks and grass

clearly not welcome
killdeer whistles a warning
airplane flies above

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen