welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #81, Coot Lake, Boulder, Colorado, February 1, 2004. Haikutimes staff writers Robert Power, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson and Jonathan Machen descend upon Coot Lake in Boulder, Colorado, for a quick examination of a thawing lake in early February sunshine.

moon struck in the bright
of day over ice, geese,
and IBM

known hiaku artist
seen walking with white journal
while dog sniffs her butt

shadows on snow, clouds,
even the just-past-half-full moon
all blue

snowy foothills
as insubstantial as
yesterday's stroganoff

the hole in the ice
beckons to the submerged bubble
'come to me - be free'

in the light- teasel
become hundreds of rocks
thrown in the air

tossing dead pigskin
in testosterone ocean
superbowl showdown

first the honking
even geese skid to a stop
gently, on water

my shadow motionless
golden-tipped grass stalks
embedded in it's chest

winter walk
yarrow, willow, amber, and rose
a slight but chilly breeze on my chin

earth-artist creates
with limited palette of
browns blue golds and white

smallest duck
leads the gaggle of geese
across the icy water

still-frozen brown stones
undeniably committed
to this winter shore

two mallards bobbing
their heads so bizarrely
they must be courting

there is no real use
in grabbing the first haiku
that happens to come along

bounding labrador
creates ruckus on the lake
ducks and dogs don't mix

three guys putting up a shed
larry, moe and curly

hazy cloud hovers
like smoke above the dusty
snow-covered peaks

working in the snow
january shed-raising
walls rise, snowflakes fall

are they sleeping or
fishing out there on the
edge of the ice?

from teasel forest
i watch two falcons hunting
then resting in trees

small dark figure
hunched and writing by the
vast white frozen lakeside

sad tug-of-war
between rambunctious dogs and
their willful owners

amidst guilt, shame and
longing - a glimpse of the landscape
haiku moment

walking, making plans
people reflecting on life
around icy lake

it moves so slowly -
the air bubbles under ice
-like an amoeba

sprawling house with a
great view of the mountains
and me peeing in their field

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen