welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #28 Sanjay Rajan/Jala Pffaf wedding, Starhouse, Boulder, Colorado,May 24, 2002. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson, Jonathan Machen, Krista Morien, Hal Gimpleson. Photos and Layout: Jonathan Machen.

in her tiny sari
dozing during the wedding
rose petal on her heart

from the sound of the conch shell
this must be a very great occasion

wedding guest
giggle priestly blessings with ghee,
Jas in the window

tossing oil about
and chanting, while outside Jas
paces back and forth

sprinkling of rice into
the rose petal fire
Jas barking outside

the drip of water
the restless barking of dogs
the proper blessings

spring-time snow storm
moon in auspicious phase
saris, not sorry

as they share the wine
snow falls from a pine bough, which
bounces up and down

the symbolism
of two wedding traditions:
hindu and jewish

united in love
bridging the gap of culture
sanjay and jala

henna paisleys
decorated her long life line
to spell happiness

rose petal blossoms
rain down upon bride and groom
and all of us

colored rose petals
offering of love into
the sacred fire

rose petals and fruit,
holy water and incense
conch shells and brass bells

stepping on the glass
on a snowy day in may
inside the starhouse

the jewish rabbi
slips quietly from the room
during Kanya Daan

making careful note
of those women still seated
who are not married

rose petals
falling softly on the bride's head
suddenly more vulnerable

sacred fruit glistens
upon the wedding altar
my stomach growls

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen