welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #41, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, October 27, 2002. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, Jonathan Machen. Photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

morning mist
settling quietly
over season's grass

a falcon flies by
fog crawls under my jacket
i shiver

haiku poets
search the mist
for lost friends

praising the small things
and the fungal aroma
hidden in the fog

electric blue hose
coiled among a clutter of
yellow maple leaves

man doesn't say 'ouch'
until five seconds after he
slips, falling on mud

this moment
lost for some haiku poets
due to time change

subdued by the fog
hikers cross paths in silence
raising their eyebrows

morning cuppa
turning cold
in NCAR mist

would that i.m. pei
were here to see his building
rising in the fog

as i pull it out
bits of scrambled egg
cling to one of my wife's hairs

thru the mist
the crackling sound
of something real

october morning
disoriented by fog
i wander around

in misty grass
big brown dog

newly painted tank
displays contemporary
political flak

my only other companion
on the misty trail

yellow cottonwoods
rendered so faint by the fog
i lean towards them

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen