welcome to the haikutimes

Issue # 30, Farmers' Market/International festival, Boulder, Co. June 15, 2002. Haiku and photographs by Jonathan.

not traveling far,
seeking the unusual
sunny day in june

coffee line grows long
while vendors in silken tents
wait for customers

pungent white onion
freshly pulled from the earth
soon to be salad

bears, birds and creatures
emerge from the stump of wood
he gracefully carves

she built this sculpture
with nothing but key shavings
gathered long ago

george bush and putin
on a shelf next to dorothy
at the russian stall

no troubled waters
flowing underneath this bridge
on such a fine day

tired of selling
the cloth she so clearly loves,
she rests in the shade

taxidermists lion
opposes the wooden bear
while people mingle

converges with the local
i go with the flow

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen