welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #27, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, Colorado, May 12, 2002. Haiku: Patrick Lynn, Tom Hopson, Robert Power, Sara Benson, Jonathan Machen. Photographs and layout: Jonathan.

homeless beneath the bridge
i sense his wish and...
turn and walk away

feeling that feeling
of caution as a man sits down
near by me

rainbow trout and boy
both quite pale and motionless
look at each other

watching his obsession
with the computer screen
through the fishtank

i have seen the roots
of two trees on the creek bank
entwined like lovers

active exhibit
reflects a years worth of art
no-one excluded

long line of people
short and tall - staring at the
blue computer screens

wow! i never knew...
that, this, nor that existed
the things you do see

with an hour to kill
nothing speaks words here
beneath the footsteps of hikers

water gurgling
dogs undecided
about jumping in the creek

cold may afternoon
look anywhere
green and brown complementing

the cool moist air
all my life i will
remember the sound of rain

on our trailer roof
my eyes close
on the sound of rain

open on you
the crinkling of the
cover of a book as it opens

in the library
the alligator
grins and holds onto his slice

of watermelon
reading the newspaper
as in in his living room

man with beret
mother's day
sitting on a bench

five hundred miles from her
though the sun is out
people find the library

on pictures of
japanese armor there are four
double a batteries

the breeze and the creek
flow together; how is it
such motion calms?

the sweet scent of the lilac
and the clock ticks back
to a child's perception

this chinese family
unfamiliar with books
written in english

each person's pace slows
so as not to step on the
delicate pink flower

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen