welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #109, Ice, snow and flowers, Spring 2005. A collection of images and haiku from late March and early April, 2005. Photos and haiku by Jonathan.

eldora backside
turning away from the crowd
solitary bliss

west-facing scree slope
anchored by gnarled pine tree
bravely facing march

not many months ago
we got married up here
between summer rain clouds

despite the weather
i ride my recumbent
up icy paths

delicate snow curtain
hangs on every pine bough
people sleep indoors

obscured by frozen water

yarrow spike festooned
with malicious icy crust
chilly cold spring ride

of a summertime bloom
etched in icy march

a new canvas
with every change of weather
this time white on green

for a few hours
ice forms prickly pincushion
on all living things

ice clinging
water spray from knobby tires
my back a wet line

Flagstaff recumbent
bicycle through icy forest
needles speak to me

Peaceful Valley 3-13-05
cradled between
a rock and a snow place
that branch is bending

a pastiche of light
abstract unfolding canvas
drat! there goes the sun

bearded, weathered stump
spends his whole life facing west
watching us ski home

pleasure of gliding
with a simple, graceful kick
afternoon in march

voice and eye memos
taken directly from the source
weighted snow branch curls

while I pee in snow
branch above me drops cold load -
we both leave something

change - the only state
that brings peace to this moment
a blessed relief

of swooping down a fast trail
occasional turn

champagne powder
untouched by afternoon sun
feeling pure and new

one week before spring
receiving a fine white gift
that sticks to branches

quiet awareness
paige skis back to the car
heart monitor on

fortune falls on snow
sky colors embrace forest
i ski on treasure

a snowy start
with a sunny middle
what lies at the end?

voices, thoughts muffled
in icy deep corridor
small dog bites my leg

everything buried
in a foot of fresh powder
whiteness abounds

pasque flower blooming
north side of flagstaff mountain
spring winds herald storm

unfolding with grace
flower in between spring storms
flagstaff mountain joy

along the boulder bike path
pasque flower trio

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen