welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #162 March 7, 2015, University Hill, Boulder

Haiku by Susan Evans, Sara Benson, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen. Photos by Jon

sculpted by teeth
blue wad of gum now resting
on snow-dampened cedar

spring thaw
surrounded by birdsong, but
where are the little buggers

to be still in time
how far do you have to walk
one hour, fifty steps

from the frat house
legal pot smoke drifts out
across the school playground

this snow covered hill
finally arriving to
body relaxing

another blue wad
of discarded gum next to
trashed out scraper brush

nothing to do but eat my
ham and cheese omelette

freezing and thawing
even the best-laid asphalt
must come to an end

I need to breathe in
friendship and poetry
on this sunny day

haiku reverie
broken by text from the wife
to get broccoli

surrounded by blue
a loudly purring dove
points the black seed of its eye
at me

slowly sinking in
reality of my friend's
taking her own life

no word for the color
of this spruce tree
or how i feel about it

snow blanket on couch
flopped over in the alley
icicles taking nap

chirping, chirping
a couple walk by talking of spring
more chirping

a white folding chair
tossed catywampishly down
snowy white driveway

of so many haiku poems
empty parking lot

swing set
beneath each motionless seat
a motionless shadow in the snow

empty parking lot
echoes of raven calling
wish I had some salt

underneath the crust
snow turns to water & moves
a liquid serpent

plastic Safeway bag
gracefully tumbles along
college avenue

snow on the chapel
a shroud of fast-melting snow
dampens the service

The old snow melting
Is nothing more a than a clock
Drip, drip, tic, toc, drip

half my lifetime ago
our kitten knocked your basil seedlings
off that window ledge

Every single year
Winter gives way to spring
Oh, the slush of it.

the college co-eds
shoveling drunken snow castle
of meager sidewalk

the sun is out, snow melting,
still i'm alone on the street
with crows

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen