welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #103 Walker Ranch and Eldora Ski area, December 4, 2004. Haiku at Walker Ranch. Featuring haiku by Jonathan, Patrick Lynn, Sanjay Rajan, and Sara Benson.

while i'm thoughtlessly staring at my
knee a fly lands there
his ass is iridescent blue

scarred by fire
streaked by snow
december hillside

brown blooms
reveal the fullness
of next season's growth

walking through the burn
everything is brown
except for patrick's orange coat

little by little
fresh air and bright granite
seep into my soul

wispy winter grass
more sensitive to the slight breeze
than my skin

can't hold
i find a snowless spot
for my yellow pee

not many sounds
a crow caws
a plane in the distance
somewhere, a heart pumping

jazz stays with me
while his owner romps far afield
eldorado cliffs below
bright yellow lichen
against warming winter peaks
the bustle of commerce
through the crack in eldorado canyon
past the climbers,
the noise of the train,
distant airplanes from DIA

place of beauty
little marred
by mobile piss pots

black skeleton
on white hillside
golden retriever

small things i notice
like padlock hanging on wire
just drive me crazy

stumbling over a rock
and asking me what i said
in the same moment

holding back
not willin' to
spoil this snow

pine duff on old snow
in random pattern like hair
on barbershop floor

strangely enough
burnt pines more beautiful
among green

snow-packed trail
a white snake warming itself
in the hot winter sun

red rocks
no hidin' place
for haiku poets

leaving behind
melancholic attributes
and trappings of fear

fresh snow
no longer fresh
with his pawprints

for breakfast
i fed him four syringes of water
and a taste of egg

stark beauty
reveals itself
just have to look

snow prints reveals
last seasons
lost pine cone

jazz drools on my leg
staring with him at the cliffs
i start drooling too

stoic stones
so full of
human faces

hiking alone
from one sun-warmed granite boulder
to the next

kathakali poses
among red rocks reveal
haiku poet gone mad

a curiously-shaped hole in the snow
yellow around the edges
from my pee

bright green air-o-pure
the perfect back drop for a
haiku family photo

soft whistle
in winter sun
telephone lines

dripping string of spit
beautifully illuminated
crisp winter day

all my attachments
laid bare on drive to haiku
preconceptions dashed

la belle and psychopath
drop down steep chute
plains stretch below

dangling snowboards
from one leg as they sit
talking on chair lift

early season snow
meets intensity of blue
lose-my-breath stillness

red jackets all
ski patrol in snow huddle
i head for the trees

snow covers branches
deceptive feather frosting
better use rock skis

all the way up
alan watts talking
about no boundaries

nervous father to be
thinks about other fathers
who are still skiing

blue sky warming
over november snow base
shadows soften

snow machine leaving
frosty signature
on drooping pine

timid snowboarder
walks the broad, expansive slope
carrying her board

piggy backing
on autos, chairlifts and skis
to taste winter

snowboarders - knees in check
telemarkers - knees to snow
every style welcome

pausing long enough
on our winter evening walk
to watch travolta

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen