welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #170, Walden Ponds, Boulder CO, 11-10-18 Haiku: Susan Evans, Sara Benson, Patrick Lynn, Jonathan Machen Photos: Jonathan Machen

the human voices
speak of screams and hushed desires
i prefer silence

blue lake, sun and breeze
in the midst of mental angst
evokes sanity

ringing of my ears
presages tomorrow’s snow
and temperature dip

trees moving through time
on a much slower scale
than me and my friends are

walking on the path
he whistles joyfully - as
if he were alone.

camoflaged birder
concealing his camera lens
with pictures of leaves

warm before the chill
of the expected snowfall
later in the day

walden pond autumn
monochromatic landscape
except for sky-blue

hard to think of
these leafless trees
as anything but old

mind slowing down
with each cloud, blade of grass and barely
hanging there, leaf

body craves the earth
each step loving the
patches of uneven ground

dry cattails rustle
where i once
watched a heron
swallow a carp

these paths have nourished
my soul many times.
today i find a new path

when the left side
is warm
i turn around
and start on the right

Joanne Odasz
mother, friend, adventurer
now, words on a bench

what a great relief
to sit and pay attention
dry thistles and geese

clothed in camouflage
he uses his camera
to hunt wild beauty

when i crest the hill
dozens of ducks
start paddling away

our biggest concern -
the number of gadwals
here at the ponds

birders with bird books,
haiku-ers with haiku books
collecting bird-ku

before the snow
this sunshine
almost too much

rhythmic submerging
of ring-necked ducks as they bob
and dive for munchies

taking into my body
through my palm
the warmth of this stone

the boardwalk of life
across the prickly marsh
becons me to cross

when this tree rots
away to nothing
will the path still
go around it?

sitting on the dock
watching the dance of dry reeds
i choose deep stillness

decaying turtle
on the shoreline of bass pond
peaceful in the sun

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen