welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #38, Spudfest, Carbondale, CO, September 28, 2002. Haiku: Jonathan Machen, Patty Machen, Patrick Lynn, Sara Benson photos and layout: Jonathan Machen

no poem
to describe
fall colors

wedged in the back seat
the three poets pass around
the paper and pen

almost more children
than potatoes
fifty pounds of them

scrubbing potatoes
on a cool fall afternoon
friends inside cooking

Potato days topped
off by voluminous
toppings on potatoes

after the rainstorm
i doze off waiting
for the rainbow

eating lots of
potato chips to prepare ourselves
for the spudfest

my legs on jonathan's
my hips on patrick's
sitting in the middle

chopping and cooking
the quest for the golden spud
motivates us all

once in a while a
wisp of orange amidst the
yellow and green trees

sixty pounds o' luv
spud luv, once covered in mud
graces the table

dirty brown tuber
transformed into a lovely
spud with a topping

while i eat my spud
i give thanks that it isn't
made out of tofu

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen