welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #134, Fourmile Canyon and Betasso Preserve, March 4, 2007. Haiku writers Susan Peterson, Krista Morien, Robert Power, Sara Benson, Sanjay Rajan, Patrick Lynn, and Jonathan Machen conspire to explore the environment of Fourmile Canyon just west of Boulder along with an eight-week old puppy, two golden retrievers and a first-time haiku mad-hatter initiate, Leon Evans. Guest haiku contributions by the Rev. Gene Langlois. Photographs by Jonathan Machen.

the tray shakes and sifts
debris falls thru, leaving gems
quieting my mind

eerie silence
of wilderness
spring welcome

the sound of squirrels -
i approach, one rolls away
becomes a pine cone

i'd rather walk
to still the mind, than search
for a haiku

shadows in the trees are
my haiku friends doing
whatever they will do

melting snow
a boulder balanced on end
bring to mind
similar thoughts

red-shafted flicker
mocks me by banging
his head on a dead tree

t.v. antennae
receiving nothing

is he writing a poem?
so still over there in
the stand of evergreens

haiku poets
dotting the hillside
drinking in the silence

basking in the sun
listening for haiku poems
to come to me

hakiu mind
and playful dogs
mad hatter in mix

floppy mullien ears
pale green with
springtime promise

since the last snowstorm
my tracks have been covered
by rabbits'

azure blue sky above
three dogs playing in the snow
follow the leader

quiet togetherness
spreading across the mountain
beautiful morning

jazz soulful
in this wilderness
krista's companion

tiny pine bits
float around in the air
and into my nose

all of these trees
and snowy hills enfolding
jonathan's new home

in the warm sunlight
cool breeze carresses my face
still for a minute

distant dog
it's bark echoes
among silent pines

new growth
on top of old
careful where to step

distant right: cars speed
nearby left: faint stream babbles
sounds carried by wind

letting go of need --
the sun graciously shines
and i drink it in

safeway receipt
old yet home
for new haikus

fear of getting lost
keeps things really simple
this patch of winter sun

new life: 8 weeks old
a puppy and a new year
mystery unfolds

stalks of grass dance
directed by a breeze,
a slow rhythm piece

seventeen syllables
sometimes seems too long
sometimes too short

one million pine needles
soften the line between
the immense blue sky
and us

early march morning
through the wall - jennifer
taking her last bath

from a sun-warmed
bed of pine needles
listening to the snow melt

i'm a swivel head -
glance back and forth
between patrick and mojito

Initiatory peeku:
golden stream f a l l i n g
keeping it well off my leg
ground makes agreement

nature silence
offers space to crowded thoughts
and random bird calls

abandoned antennae
in shadow of dish

the sun casts shadows
spiny pine needles dancing
steel blue on bright snow

the same holy mind
that is my holy brother's
is....wholly in me

when all is insane
the opposite direction
appears as crazy

It begins ...slowly
speeds up as you go along
fast...just at the end

you must "leave'" something
poetry guides your brothers
guide without footsteps

the world's for the young
so they hear heaven's call......here
the old, gain hearing

is mind's
natural state
questioning ceases

there's a secret place
a silence...beyond stillness
ancient journey's end

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen