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Issue #194, Epic Road Trip, June16, 2018: Jonathan Dickenson State Park, Florida

June 16, 2018 We made it to Jonathan Dickenson State Park yesterday, traversing the upper part of the Everglades as well as the Big Cypress Preserve. We didn’t stop anywhere else except to get gas, and soon we were driving through more populated areas north of Miami, and alongside of Ft. Lauderdale. Paige navigated and I just concentrated on getting us safely to this place, which is really cool.

There is a unique ecosystem of pine trees, thin and spindly, over the Saw Palmetto. Right as we pulled into the place we saw a massive cloud system hovering over the landscape and when we went to our designated spot, it started raining. Our designated spot, however, proved to be lame as it was a concrete pad with no grass or dirt with which to put in the stakes for our awning, so Paige called the office and requested a different spot, which they immediately changed for us, which was cool.

It stopped raining shortly before we ate dinner, during which time I left for a quick bicycle exploration, and along the way I found the kids also riding about, so we cruised about together under the now cooler skies and rain puddles. It seems like there will be opportunities to rent a boat today, since we are right alongside the Loxahatchee River, but I woke up to serious chills last night; initially I thought it had to do with the air conditioner, since my ears were ringing incredibly badly and my heart rate was also highly elevated, but I have stiffness in my limbs and a fever of 100.6. Something is up. Not sure what to do about it. Tomorrow we are supposed to drive to Disneyworld and stay there for three nights.

oh mighty device
that cools us in muggy heat
please do not break down

sick, with a fever
i drop my iPhone in toilet
a bad day gets worse

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen