welcome to the haikutimes

Issue #105, Brainard Lake, Colorado, January 23, 2005, with haiku by Jonathan, Sanjay Rajan, Patrick Lynn, and Sara Benson. Also featured: Huntsman's Ridge near Carbondale, Colorado,with additional haiku by David Teitler, plus a chilly ski to Forest Lakes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness with Michael Conti.

write swiftly
so winds don't blow you away
and fingers don't freeze

water flows freely
where the sun shines
frozen solid when it doesn't

camera shot
reveals in it's depth
nature's imperfections

traveling with ipod
and jazz close behind
sunny day at lake

skiing and singing
i stumble upon sara
skiing and speculating

over burritos
we talk about how right now
space probe is sinking

haiku with ipod
recording thought, not writing
only need one hand

bbq grill
bids it's time
under january snow

random skiing
through the trees
then when i stop, i fall

snow kukai
autonomous, connected
to friends and the universe

city smog
no hiding place
for eastern plains

my cinnamon skin
suddenly different
from pine resin

jazz interested
in things i can't see
things he plainly hears

same old trail
marked deep
with new experience

at the same time
frozen lake under blue sky

from napping position
the left world is blue
the right world is green
with a jagged white line between

even jazz
doing his own thing
on familiar trail

despite not knowing
how distant stars have evolved
content with ice lake

winter wind blows tears
onto my glasses where they freeze
distorting vision

lake road
we tread heavy
broken snowshoes

i like the thought
that even though we can't know it
something is happening
on distant planets

jazz romps through the snow
about ten minutes later
half sniffing for them

so many layers
no wonder within
so many sweat beads

mountain trail
less oxygen
more air

heavy heart
just a tad lighter
like this snow

haiku companion
unable to write haiku
four legs bogged in snow

a little raven
squawking and chortling by
the little raven trail

plenty 'o shiny suv's and gearheads
crowd the trail
but the woods are serene

our own paths
i prefer many

finding the right path
though it has not snowed for days
what more do i need?

these majestic peaks
echos of summer fall and springtime
spent through the years

through the murk down there
the poor city folk go about
their busy-ness

haikus on
both ends
reveals no front or back

dog snout
against car window
winter colorado sun

though he's not my dog
i take great pride
in temporary ownership

funny - just when i'm
standing still - i fall like a
snow elf pushed me

on the bedroom wall
shadows of clouds move slowly
through warm, dusky light

well within
my comfort zone
this gypsy lifestyle

same person, same trail
with only time between us
or perhaps space

jingle jangle
of my snowshoes
reveals winter rhythm

from across the lake
watching patrick and sanjay
walking in tandem

like jesus i walk
for miles on water but not
without my ski poles

borrowed gloves
and borrowed poles
at least snowshoes own

when i got to brainard lake
there was a line of ants
fifteen people following each other

cold snow flurries
january road trip to Carbondale
washing dishes quickly

guy with goatee
driving truck with snowmobile
carefully strapped in

sanjay so cryptic
returning from new zealand
will he emigrate?

needles on the floor
dave says no more
she's out the door

hackit with packit
sunny road stop on vail pass
pausing for a break

white snow
red rocks
blue sky

this house well-equipped
with musical instruments
for all us young kids

last weeks snowfall
huddles into aspen grove
with deep contentment

a week of old snow sinks
in peaceful reverie
cold mountainside

talking about life
and how much money we've got
here in the forest

could be an issue
of the haiku times
or with my wife
this moment

do you have a haiku dave?

last week
was beauty
this week,
more beauty i guess
really, it's all beauty

this week
snow like maple sugar
crusty on top
soft in the center

sun is high - i think
i haven't looked backwards recently
though my neck feels warm

shaun conducting
one-two-three - E!
to everyone in the room

dave thinking blueberry
also thinking shaun

blueberry bowl
probably been named before
ready for my skins

ancient tantric practice
hooting and yelping
at every turn

our own yelping
inspired by others' yelping
a phenomenon preceding itself

that other party yelping
is having fun

snow snakes in aspens
it's a woo-hoo day for sure
strap em on dave
point 'em downhill

ski haiku
in beautiful canyons
ever so thankful

the ethical record
of every individual
will have to be recorded
on it's own merits

time? 1:11
a synchronistic number
rocky mountain high

despite my looks
vanity has no boundaries
even mellow dave

mt. sopris obscured
high from huntsmans ridge
by stubborn cloud cap

high on huntsmans ridge
a critique of capitalism
then a few turns

coyote chasing critter
tracks identified on ski
back up to top

enjoyable skiing through aspen
almost as good as the bowls
my knees cut through
maple sugar candy topping
on soft base
dave gets a head rush

dave meets someone he knows
who dry-walled the attic
many years ago
dave pooped but
shaun will have boundless
energy when we return
young children will remind us
we are forty
on the eve of my 41st birthday
still i am lucky
to get turns

last light on aspens
my friend skis crusty powder
dog follows behind

this sacred landscape
mountain jewel colorado
last light falls on ridge

trying to convince us
to move up to carbondale
our friends cajole

cold chill michael sweats on the hill
blue wax day, maybe green
michael sweats on the hill
clouds blow off all the mist
fans from the tunnel blow off everything
michael sweats on the hill

pleasure to see
tracks not trod by snowshoes
forest lakes trail

michael with yellow skins
be in green and blue wax
together we hike up

drink tube
filled with ice
january sun fails to melt

full of pain and exertion
michael's haiku might not reflect
the best in skiing

howling wind
we misplace the keys
soon to be found under the driver's wheel

unless you have the right gear
then playful

fourteen degrees
even so
the sardines waft past my nose

solo/group kukai
jonathan machen